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Family Sheet

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ID: I6
Sex: M
Birth: 20 DEC 1893  2707 Malatia, Turkey  
Death: 12 NOV 1957  2709 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA  
Burial: 15 NOV 1957  2708 Mount Hope Cemetery, Middlesex Co., MA  
Parents: Bournazian, Manuel, Maumjian, Manooshag
Sarkis was born in either 1891 or 1893.  His marriage certificate says he was 29, which would indicate 1891, but his age on his death certificate was 63, which would indicate 1893.

Sarkis was married three times.  His first wife died in Turkey before he came to the US.  He most likely had no surviving children with her.  His second marriage was to Almas Halajian, which produced six children.  His third marriage was to Satenik Merijanian.

Sarkis was a very talented man.  His marriage certificate stated he was a merchant.  He was also a carpenter, a restaurant owner, and the manager of a First National Store in Boston.  According to his daughter, he could do almost anything he put his mind to.

Sarkis' middle name started with an M, according to Sarah Bournazian's birth certificate.  Sarah also stated that Sarkis' middle name was Michael, which she also gave her youngest son, Paul Michael Parkhurst (that's me).  Mikaiel or Megerdich is Armenian for Michael, however... It seemed pretty consistent that Armenian fathers gave their first son their own name as a middle name.  So, most likely, Sarkis' middle name was Manuel, after his father.

Sarkis arrived in Ellis Island, NY, on July 8, 1911 on the ship SS La Savoie, arriving from Le Havre, France.  He was 22 years old and married.  His place of residence was listed as Malatia, Turkey.

In the 1930 census of District 392, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, Sarkis, 30, is living with wife Ermas, 26, and children Violet, 8, Paul, 7, Sarah, 4, and Mary, 2.  They were living at 2 Victor Street.  Both he and his wife became citizens in 1920.
 Marriage 1
ID: F9
Spouse: Merijanian, Satenik
Marriage: Unknown  
Sex: F
Birth: Unknown  
 Marriage 2
ID: F8
Spouse: Country, Unknown in Old
Marriage: Unknown  
Sex: F
Birth: Unknown  
 Marriage 3Pictures on Marriage 3Documents on Marriage 3All Events and Facts on Marriage 3
ID: F5
Spouse: Halajian, Almas
Marriage: 21 FEB 1921  5022 Worcester, MA  
Sex: F
Birth: BET MAR AND MAY 1900  2710 2711 Gurun, Sivas, Turkey  
Death: 14 JUN 1949  2713 Holy Ghost Hospital, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Violet Bournazian
F20 MAR 1922 28 JUN 1996 
 Paul Sarkis Bournazian
M01 OCT 1923 12 NOV 1942 
 Sarah BournazianSarah Bournazian has 4 children.
F10 AUG 1925   
 Mary BournazianMary Bournazian has 2 children.
F08 OCT 1927   
 George BournazianGeorge Bournazian has 17 children.
M21 AUG 1930 706 22 SEP 1994 707 
 Alice BournazianAlice Bournazian has 9 children.
F18 AUG 1935   

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