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Family Sheet

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ID: I5403
Sex: M
Birth: 10 OCT 1862  Agua de Alto, Vila Franca, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal  
Death: 04 JUL 1919  Kalihi, Honolulu Co., Hawaii  
Parents: Unknown
Manuel Da Costa Picadura, taken in Waianae Town
As per "Portuguese Passport Registrations", Page 116, He was listed under Passport #: 1304 for the British Bark "Earl of Dalhousie". {Registration showed that he father was deceased and his mother's Name was: "Rosa Ermilinda Teixeira de Jesus"; Manoel's age: 22.}
Immigrated on 27 March 1882 on the "Earl of Dalhousie" Coun #: 752; ID#: 115, as a single man to the "Sandwich Isles" at age: 22 yrs. Trade: Blacksmith. Loved to smoke cigars and drink da brews. Last Surname: PICADURA was taken from the type of cigars he loved to smoke, and it was also related to his blacksmith trade as a maker of holes in boiler plates. His original family surname is: Da Costa.
Marriage Records shows his name as: "Manoel Da Costa PICADURA".
Variations of Surname found during research were: PICCADURO (4/8/1897); PICCADEIROS (4/14/1897, S.F. CA.); PICADARO (1900 US Census); PIECADEIRO (1910 US CENSUS); PICADURA (1920 US CENSUS).
Descending generations of this family dropped the middle name "de COSTA", breaking the link to his original name.

Emigrated to Kingdom of Hawaii in 1882 from San Miguel, Azores, Portugal. He was a "Blacksmith" for Hana Sugar Mill Plantation in Puuiki, Maui - 1882-1897 & for the Waianae Sugar Plantation in Waianae, Oahu - 1898-1916.
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ID: F1611
Spouse: Rodrigues, Maria Augusta
Marriage: 10 OCT 1886  5252 Puuiki, Hana, Maui, Kingdom of Hawaii  
Sex: F
Birth: 11 DEC 1873  Matriz, Vila Franca, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal  
Death: 30 JUN 1930  Kalihi, Honolulu Co., Hawaii  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Lucinda De Costa PicaduraLucinda De Costa Picadura has 2 children.
F07 DEC 1889 ABT 1973 
 Manuel De Costa Picadura
M15 MAR 1892 19 JAN 1942 
 Jacinth De Costa Picadura
M24 NOV 1893 26 FEB 1973 
 Joseph De Costa Picadura
M24 NOV 1895 21 JUL 1959 
 Julia De Costa Picadura
F03 FEB 1897 MAY 1898 
 August De Costa Picadura
M07 FEB 1899 07 NOV 1961 
 Julia De Costa Picadura
F17 APR 1901 17 JUN 1998 
 William De Costa Picadura
M17 SEP 1902 25 APR 1981 
 Victoria De Costa Picadura
F07 APR 1904 21 JUL 1904 
 Francisco De Costa Picadura
M10 OCT 1905 11 SEP 1985 
 John De Costa Picadura
M30 APR 1908 18 JUL 1959 
 Raul De Costa Picadura
M01 APR 1909 21 DEC 1909 
 Rosa De Costa Picadura
F26 SEP 1910 18 MAY 1993 
 Victor De Costa Picadura
M13 DEC 1912 14 JUL 1971 
 Cecelia De Costa Picadura
F23 FEB 1917 17 DEC 2001 

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