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Family Sheet

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ID: I446
Sex: M
Birth: 14 FEB 1870  3304 3305 Bolivar, Hardeman Co, TN  
Death: 12 JAN 1938  3306 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK  
Burial: 14 JAN 1938  Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK  
Parents: Parker, Walter Boutwell, Wood, Mary Jane
Headstone for Thomas C. Parker in Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City
Thomas C. Parker was a US Marshal in the Oklahoma Territory.  According to family legend, he was present at at least one of the land rushes in Oklahoma and arbitrated land claims.  He knew all of the lore of the area, where the outlaws used to live and hide out, who had shot whom for what reason, and when and where they'd been hung for it.

Marshal Parker was diabetic, yet had an unnatural love for chocolate bars.  When no one was looking, he'd stuff a whole bar into his mouth as to not to be found out.  His eyesight was going (probably because of the diabetes) and the last time he actually drew a gun on someone, all he saw was a blurry object.  After he fired, he didn't see the blurry object anymore.  Since he was still standing, he figured he must have got him!

When my father was a child, Marshal Parker (my father's step-grandfather) held him up to a tree and showed him a bullet hole from when an outlaw had shot at him.  He then pointed out another tree where the outlaw had been hung.  Marshal Parker also supposedly knew Johnny Ringo and a number of other famous legends of the west and was also at the bedside of Pat Garrett when he died.  He asked him whether or not he had really shot Billy the Kid.  Pat's answer, if he gave one, is lost to history.

While the veracity of these tales may be in question, Marshal Thomas C. Parker was undoubtedly quite a colorful character of the Old West and a legend in his own right.

In the 1920 census of Oklahoma City, OK, 8th precinct, pg. 141A, Thomas C. Parker, 49, is living with wife Modeste, 46, daughter Drusilla, 5, and step-daughter Aimee Bonnet, 23.  Thomas was born in TN, father in VA and mother in NC.  Modeste was born in LA, father in French Canada, and mother in Spain.  Drusilla was born in OK.  Aimee was born in LA as were both parents.  Thomas was a policeman with the city Police Department.  Aimee was a bookkeeper with Smith Co.

In the 1930 census of Oklahoma City, OK, Tom C., 60, is living with wife Modeste, 56, and daughter Drusilla, 16.  He was a construction watchman.  They were living at 2205 N. Kate Street.
 Marriage 1All Events and Facts on Marriage 1
ID: F238
Spouse: Landry, Modeste Marie
Marriage: 16 AUG 1913    
Sex: F
Birth: 06 MAR 1873  2717 McCall Plantation, Donaldsonville, Ascension Par., LA  
Death: 14 OCT 1944  2719 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Drusilla Marguerite ParkerDrusilla Marguerite Parker has 1 child.
F05 MAY 1914 04 JUN 1971 
 Marriage 2
ID: F242
Spouse: Unknown, Jennie
Marriage: Unknown  
Sex: F
Birth: 29 AUG 1870    
Death: 22 FEB 1910  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK  

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