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Family Sheet

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ID: I3423
Sex: M
Birth: 09 JAN 1770  3668 St. Servan, Diocese of St. Malo, France  
Death: 14 MAR 1843  3669 Iberville Par., LA  
Burial: UnknownSt. Gabriel, Iberville Par., LA  
Parents: Landry, Pierre Joseph, Hebert, Marie-Josephe
Wood carving - Self Portrait, by Pierre Joseph Landry.
Pierre Landry, the son of Pierre (Pedro) Landry Sr.and Marie Joseph (Maria Josef) Hebert. His grandparents were transported to England from Acadia in 1756 and after the treaty of 1763, were "re-patriated" to France. His parents were married approximately five years later in St. Servan, France.
Born in France in 1770, Pierre Joseph, along with his parents, are placed at St. Malo, France, where evidence is found on page 73 of the publication "Acadians in France" listed "Pierre Landry, 31, carpenter of St. Malo died in 1772, Marie Josephe Hebert, 31, his wife, and Pierre Joseph Landry, 2, their son."

Pierre Joseph arrived in Louisiana aboard the ship LaBerge on August 15, 1785, with his widowed mother and maternal grandfather as recorded in "The Crews and Passenger Registration Lists of the Seven Acadian Expeditions of 1785" The LaBerge's registration journal had them listed as "Widow Hebert (should have been listed as the Widow Landry, her maiden name was Hebert), 57, and her son Pierre Joseph Landry, 17, day laborer."

He settled in St. Gabriel, received a land grant on the west bank of the Mississippi River and became a successful sugar farmer or planter. He married at St. Gabriel on June 30, 1790, Scholastique Breaux, daughter of Joseph Breaux and Marie Josephe Landry. After the death of Scholastique, Pierre remarried several times.

Pierre Joseph was a man with many interests. He was militarily inclined and became a member of Meriam's Militia, which was organized to protect the early settlers. By 1810, he was a first lieutenant. In the War of 1812, he organized his own company of infantry, and as part of Meriam's Militia---the 8th Regiment (and as Captain Landry) he led his men for the defense of the lower coast and New Orleans.

Late in his life, Pierre Joseph Landry was stricken with Tuberculosis of the bone (the knee) and was confined to a wheel chair.

He began woodcarving and carved little figures from beech and magnolia with his pocket knife. Pierre became an accomplished wood carver.One of his most ambitious pieces was the "Wheel of Life", which can be found on exhibit in the Cabildo. The carving consists of the seven ages of man, from the cradle through old age and finally to the grave. He also carved a mausoleum with the bowed figures of two mourners. He also carved a bust of himself. The only likeness of Pierre Landry in existence. This collection of wood carvings were scattered amongst his descendants, until Luke Valcour Landry, brought them all together into one collection and placed them in the safekeeping of the Louisiana State Museum, along with the note books and the military manuel, as a lasting memento of a distinguished citizen of long ago. In recognition of his works, a collection of his works is on display in both the Cabildo and the Presbetyre in New Orleans.

He died at Bayou Goula, Louisiana, and was buried in March, 1843. On his tombstone at St.Gabriel church cemetery, the epitaph reads "A good Republican, who is missed by his wife and nine children whose good morals were necessary"
 Marriage 1All Events and Facts on Marriage 1
ID: F1128
Spouse: Capdeville, Marguerite Rosalie
Marriage: 16 JAN 1804  5073   
Sex: F
Birth: 28 MAR 1776    
Death: 02 OCT 1848  3665   
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Marie Caroline Landry
F14 JUL 1806   
 Marie Sophie Landry
FBEF 17 APR 1814   
 Marriage 2All Events and Facts on Marriage 2
ID: F1147
Spouse: Breaux, Scholastique
Marriage: 30 JUN 1790  5132 St. Gabriel Church, St. Gabriel, Iberville Par., LA  
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1772  3855   
Death: 05 FEB 1802  3856 Iberville Par., LA  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Azarie Landry
M14 AUG 1798 1486   

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