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Family Sheet

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ID: I2
Sex: M
Birth: 27 JAN 1924  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK  
Death: 27 MAR 1991  Livermore, Alameda Co., CA  
Burial: UnknownHoly Sepulcre Cemetery, Hayward, Alameda Co., CA  
Parents: Parkhurst, Wayne Smallwood, Bonnet, Aimee Landry
Loren B. Parkhurst after becoming a Boiler Technician Chief (BTC) in the US Navy.
My father, Loren B. Parkhurst, led a full life.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, Loren joined the US Navy when he was only 17 at the onset of World War II.  Just after his 18th birthday, he was in the Battle of the Coral Sea where his ship, the USS Neosho, was hit by torpedoes and later scuttled.

In his 25 years with the US Navy, Loren literally saw the world.  Not only did he travel all across Europe and Southeast Asia, he and his family lived in many different places in the US: Boston, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, and California, to name a few.  The family settled in California in 1964, where Loren retired from the Navy in 1972 as a Boiler Technician Chief.  He later worked for the State of California until his retirement in 1986.
 Marriage 1Pictures on Marriage 1Documents on Marriage 1All Events and Facts on Marriage 1
ID: F2
Spouse: Bournazian, Sarah
Marriage: 03 NOV 1947  Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY  
Sex: F
Birth: 10 AUG 1925  Boston, MA  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Alice Marie ParkhurstAlice Marie Parkhurst has 3 children.
F09 MAR 1950   
 Loren Bernard Parkhurst JrLoren Bernard Parkhurst Jr has 2 children.
M13 MAY 1951   
 Catheryne Wayne ParkhurstCatheryne Wayne Parkhurst has 2 children.
F17 MAY 1954   
 Paul Michael Parkhurst
M05 JUN 1964   
 Marriage 2All Events and Facts on Marriage 2
ID: F3
Spouse: Termine, Isabelle Elaine
Marriage: Unknown  
Sex: F
Birth: 02 NOV 1922  671   
Death: JAN 1980  672   
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Jeffrey Louis ParkhurstJeffrey Louis Parkhurst has 5 children.
M15 JUN 1945   

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