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Family Sheet

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ID: I1397
Sex: M
Birth: MAR 1892  3452 Gurun, Sivas, Turkey  
Parents: Jamoozian, Unknown
Garabed was known to Sarkis' children as "Garabed Keri" (keri is Armenian for uncle on the mother's side).  By all accounts, Garabed was a very gentle and likeable man.  From the rememberances of Alice Guyer and Sarah Parkhurst, he lived with his wife, mother-in-law Harso, and his three children.  He also apparently was an excellent fisherman; according to Sarah Parkhurst, he always came back with fish, even if nobody else caught any.

Garabed served in the armed forces during WWI.  His name is in a list of US volunteers who served with the Legion D'Orient of the French Foreign Legion (Zoryan Institute #517).  It is possible that Garabed Jamoozian was an Armenian "fedahy" (freedom fighter) fighting the Ottoman Turks in WWI.

In the 1930 census of South Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, "Charles Jamoorian", 38, is living with his wife Margaret, 34, mother-in-law Rose Tomajian, 59, brother-in-law Samuel Tomajian, 30, daughter Mary, 8, son Samuel, 6, and son Jack, 4/12.  The children were born in MA, the rest in Armenia.  Garabed immigrated to the US in 1912, his wife in 1921, mother-in-law 1928, and brother-in-law 1922.  Garabed and Margaret were salespeople at the First(?) Store.  Garabed was a veteran of WWI.

Immigration records states his name as "Garabed Djarouzian" and that he arrived in Ellis Island March 12, 1921 on the ship "La Savoie".  He was going to see his cousin P. Aladian, 3115 Washington Street, Boston.  He was 5'6", dark complexion, black eyes and hair.  His place of birth was "Gurine" Armenia.  "P. Aladian" was Paul Halajian.

According to his WWI draft registration card, he was living at 75 Bridge, Manchester, NH, in 1917.  He also had a mother and two brothers, 9 and 16 years old.
 MarriageAll Events and Facts on Marriage
ID: F632
Spouse: Tomajian, Margaret
Marriage: 1922  Turkey  
Sex: F
Birth: 20 SEP 1898  3453 Gurun, Sivas, Turkey  
Death: 19 SEP 1991  3454 St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Mary JamoozianMary Jamoozian has 4 children.
FABT 1922   
 Suzie Jamoozian
 Samuel Jamoozian
MABT 1924   
 Jack Jamoozian
MJAN 1930   

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