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Family Sheet

 Victorie DeLatre Calculate Relationships for Victorie DeLatrePedigree Chart for Victorie DeLatreExport GEDCOM for Victorie DeLatreDocuments for Victorie DeLatreAll Events and Facts for Victorie DeLatre
ID: I1233
Sex: F
Birth: 12 OCT 1766  Point Coupee, LA  
Death: 18 MAR 1844  New Orleans, LA  
Parents: DeLatre, Louis, Stayer, Marie-Catherine
Victorie died at the home of her grandson, Louis Bernard, in New Orleans.
 Marriage 1
ID: F548
Spouse: Visoso, Pedro Antonio
Marriage: Unknown  
Sex: M
Birth: 1740  Santa Eulalia De Limodre, Galicia, Spain  
Death: 31 MAY 1795  New Orleans, LA  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Rosalie VisosoRosalie Visoso has 4 children.
F31 DEC 1794 06 DEC 1853 
 Martin Visoso
M27 MAY 1787 23 JUN 1844 
 Marie Theresa VisosoMarie Theresa Visoso has 1 child.
F16 OCT 1791 28 NOV 1870 
 Marriage 2All Events and Facts on Marriage 2
ID: F549
Spouse: Espinosa, Francisco
Marriage: BET 1795 AND 1798    
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1766  Andalucia, Granada, Arenas De Haymalos, Spain  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 Marie Victorine Espinosa
F10 NOV 1798 22 FEB 1866 
 Severine Espinosa
F20 JUN 1802 18 DEC 1873 
 Melicier Espinosa
M02 OCT 1805 09 SEP 1811 
 Feliz Espinosa
MABT 1807   

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