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Family Sheet

 William J. Bennett Calculate Relationships for William J. BennettPedigree Chart for William J. BennettExport GEDCOM for William J. BennettPictures for William J. BennettAll Events and Facts for William J. Bennett
ID: I1080
Sex: M
Birth: 25 JUL 1816  Cumberland Co., KY  
Death: 07 MAY 1898  DeWitt Co., IL  
Burial: UnknownLisenby Cemetery, Creek Twp., DeWitt Co., IL  
Parents: Bennett, Gabriel E., Summers, Mary
Headstone for William Bennett in Lisenby Cemetery
From the Portrait and Bigraphical Record of DeWitt and Piatt Counties, 1891 (pg292-293):
"WILLIAM J. BENNETT is the owner and occupant of a well-improved farm in Creek Township, De Witt County. It consists of two hundred and seventy-eight acres on section 10, whereon a full line of farm buildings has been erected and good provision made for the needs of the family. The estate has been brought to its present first-class condition by Mr. Bennett, it having been in a totally unimproved state when he took possession. His first move was to build a small house, into which lie moved when it had neither windows nor doors. This was in the early days when the pioneers thought themselves fortunate to have a good roof over their heads and good walls surrounding them."

In the 1850 Census, William was living with his wife Amanda (listed as "Emily") and four children, George, Parmenius, Lewis W., and something that looks like Debausau but is probably Deborah (after Amanda's grandmother?).  William was a farmer and owned $1200 worth of property.

In the 1860 Census of Creek Twp, De Witt Co., William was living with his wife Amanda and seven children, George S., Parmenius, William Louis, Mary D., Asmanana(?? the census taker obviously took some time to write it and it's unclear) C., Emily Jane, and Ida Amanda.  William was still a farmer and owned $5000 in real property and $525 in personal property.

In the 1870 Census of Creek Twp, De Witt Co., Wm J. Bennet, 55, is living with wife Amanda, 53, and children George S, 26, Lewis, 21, Debra, 20, Arminda, 18, James, 16, and Ida, 11.  William is a farmer with $1000 in real property and $600 in personal property.

In the 1880 Census of Creek Twp, De Witt Co., William (63) was living with his wife Amanda (61), his daughter Clarinda (28), son Louis (30), Louis' wife Elizabeth (21), and grandson William (1).  William was born in KY, Amanda in OH, the rest in IL.(pg111)
 MarriageAll Events and Facts on Marriage
ID: F455
Spouse: Smallwood, Amanda A.
Marriage: 27 DEC 1842  De Witt Co., IL  
Sex: F
Birth: 17 FEB 1818  Champaign Co., OH  
Death: 22 AUG 1907  De Witt Co., IL  
No. Sibling Sex Birth Death
 George S. BennettGeorge S. Bennett has 1 child.
 Parmenius A. BennettParmenius A. Bennett has 1 child.
 Sarah E. Bennett
F08 SEP 1846 24 OCT 1847 
 William Louis BennettWilliam Louis Bennett has 1 child.
 Mary Deborah Bennett
 Asbrina Clarinda Bennett
 Emily Jane Bennett
F19 SEP 1853 06 SEP 1890 
 Ida Amanda Bennett
 Gabriel L. Bennett
M01 APR 1861 15 SEP 1862 

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