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Stan is very confused by Paul's Family History! If you looked at all of those buttons on the top and side and haven't the slightest idea where to go or what this site offers, then you probably feel like poor Stan over there; confused and bewildered.  If so, then this is the right place to be!  There're a number of different pages and areas on this site that'll be useful to you.  This section should help you get started exploring the wonders and mysteries (or at least the pages) of Paul's Family History web site.

The Banner

Besides the pretty picture at the top with the coats of arms and the fancy font, the banner (displayed on all pages) contains buttons that link to the various major parts of the site.
  •  This button will always return you to the home page, just in case you get lost.
  •  This button displays my "About Me" page, just in case you're wondering what I'm all about.  This page will probably change quite a bit as soon as I think of more things to put in it, so check back regularly if you're interested.
  •  This button will bring up the main Tree Search page.  This page allows you to search my family tree (all 3500+ names).  If you want to find someone in particular, or search by different criteria, such as birth or death date, name, spouse name, parents name, or any combination, then this is the page to be.  Once you select your critera, click the "Search!" button.  This will bring up the Individuals page displaying everyone that matches your criteria.  Clicking on the individual you want will bring up the Family Sheet.  From here, you can traverse the tree at will, clicking on the children, parents, or whoever else you want to display in the Family Sheet.
  •  This button brings up the Surnames page which lists all of the surnames in my tree (something like 700 of them last time I looked).  Click on the letter the surname you're looking for starts with and then click on the surname that shows up in the table below.  The number of individuals with that surname is shown in parentheses.  This will then bring up the Individuals page, just as Search does, only just using surname as a criteria.
  •  This button will bring up a list of all pictures and documents currently associated with individuals and marriages in my tree.  There're currently about 120 files, each with a thumbnail, so clicking the page might take a while to show up (especially if you're on a dial-up modem).  You can also view pictures and documents just for an individual or marriage by clicking on the appropriate icon to the right of the name in the Family Sheet.
  •  This button will bring up the guestbook and allow you to view the entries or add your own entry.   Going through the comment entries works similarly to going through people in the Individuals page.  To add your own entry, click on "Sign Guestbook" right above the list.  Besides your name and comment, you can put your email address (your name becomes a link to the email), your home page (a link is also created for your home page), city/state/country, how you discovered my corner of the web, and a surname list.  The surname list allows you to enter all of the surnames you're interested in.  When the entry is viewed, a link is created to perform a tree search on all of your surnames.  Just separate the individual surnames with a comma.  Please sign the guestbook at least once and let me know how you like (or dislike) the website!
  •  Finally, click here to send me some email.  Don't be shy; I've had all of my shots, I'm very polite, and I'll always answer you!

The Sidebar

The sidebar differs from page to page (and sometimes doesn't show up at all), so I won't go into any specifics here.  On non-tree related pages (such as the home page, the "About Me" page, and the family histories), the sidebar to the left of the content area contains two sections:
  • A row of buttons for navigating to the particular section of the page.  For instance, you got here by clicking on the "Getting Started" button in the sidebar.  Whenever a section of a page is being displayed, it's button is not shown.
  • The "Quick Search!" panel.  This panel is like a mini-Search page.  If you know the given name or surname (or both) of a particular person you want to find in my tree, just enter the info and click "Search!".  This saves you the step of going to the Search page or the Surnames page in order to find someone.

The Family Sheet

The family sheet is the main page that will be displayed as you traverse the tree. At the top will be the primary person (husband or wife) that is being displayed, along with any vital information.  Next will be spouse of the primary, including marriage information. After the spouse will be children with that spouse.  If there is more than one spouse, they will appear sequentially on the page.

Additionally, a series of icons may appear to the right of either the primary individual or a marriage. Each icon, when clicked, will perform a particular function, as stated below

  •  This icon will bring up the relationship calculator.  A search page will be presented that will allow you to search and display any set of people in the tree. Each person listed will have his or her relationship to the primary person calculated.  Only the closest relationship will be displayed; if multiple relationships exist, additional ones will not be displayed.  Also, only blood relations are shown.  Spouses of relations will always show as "No Relation."
  •   This icon will bring up the pedigree chart generator.  Up to six generations, starting from the primary and working back, may be displayed.  Clicking on the small pedigree chart icon to the right of names in this chart will bring up another pedigree chart starting with that person.
  •   This icon will bring up the GEDCOM export screen.  GEDCOM is the exchange standard for almost all genealogy software on the market today.  The GEDCOM file created will be for either ancestors or descendants of the primary person (up to 20 generations) with options for including siblings of descendant/ancestral individuals.
  •   This icon will be displayed only if there are pictures associated with this individual or marriage.  It will bring you to the Files page and display thumbnails for all associated pictures.
  •   Similarly, this icon will be displayed only if there are documents associated with this individual or marriage.  It will bring you to the Files page and display thumbnails for all associated documents.
  •   This icon will appear only if there are additional facts and events for this individual or marriage.  Additional facts and events could include baptism, divorce, occupation, and alternative names.

The following icon may also appear next to children of the primary:

  •   This symbol indicates that children listed for the primary have children of their own.  Hovering over this icon will show the number children this person has.

All content Copyright 2001-2011 by Paul M. Parkhurst unless otherwise noted.
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