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 Dedication   Eldon Bernard Bonnet 1922-1991

Eldon Bonnet, 1922-1991 This website, and indeed all of my genealogical research, is dedicated to the memory of Eldon Bernard Bonnet .  Eldon was my father's cousin and spent his life researching the family tree.  Though I was never able to meet Eldon personally, I've known of him all my life and he was always a part of my family.  Each year, he would call us, send Christmas cards, and occasionally mail tantalizing tidbits of genealogical lore that he discovered about the family.  Though history and family has always interested me, I never caught the genealogy bug until just last year, alas too late for either Eldon or my father to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  The small amount of Eldon's research that I have was the start of my own research into my Louisiana roots.  I know Eldon is looking down smiling at me as I sit in front of my computer and tend my family tree. 

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