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I know what you're thinking... "His family? Isn't this whole website about his family??"  Well, yes, but this section is about my immediate family, the Parkhursts.

My parents after their wedding, at the home of my grandparents in Oklahoma. My father and mother, Loren Bernard Parkhurst and Sarah Bournazian, married in New York in 1947.  My dad was from Oklahoma City and my mom from Boston, Massachusetts.  They met in Boston where my dad was stationed in the US Navy.

What we all looked like around 1986. My family has lived in quite a number of places in the US over the years.  My brother Loren, Jr., and sister Alice Marie were both born in Boston.  My sister Cathy was born in Oklahoma.  And I, the baby of the family, was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  The family has also lived in Tennessee and Rhode Island.  All of us have wound up in California, where my dad was last stationed during his final years in the Navy.

Loren Bernard Parkhurst

My dad when he was 18 years old. My dad was born in Oklahoma City in 1924.  He received his name from the two sides of his family.  His first name, Loren, was derived from "Loven", his grandfather's middle name and a family name of the Prichard and Leach families, from whom he descended.  His middle name, Bernard, was in honor of the Bernard du Montier family, Creole settlers of Louisiana from France.

My dad was a Navy man all of his life.  He joined when he was only 17 years old at the onset of World War II.  A few months after his 18th birthday, his first ship, an oiler named the USS Neosho, was hit by Japanese torpedoes and sunk in the Battle of Coral Sea.

One of the proudest moments of my dad's life was when he earned his Chief in the US Navy. He married briefly to Belle Termine in the early 1940's and had a son, my half-brother, Jeffrey Louis Parkhurst , in 1945.  In 1947, he wed my mother, Sarah Bournazian, to whom he was married for 44 years.  In 1948, he left the Navy temporarily and worked at a variety of jobs, including an inspecting engineer for the State of Oklahoma, a boiler inspector for an insurance company, and an engineer at a government power plant.  Around 1960, he rejoined the US Navy and was in several engaements in the Vietnam War.  He travelled around the world, in the Mediterranean, East Asia, and Europe, and attained the rank of Boiler Technician Chief in 1968.

He retired from the Navy in 1972 and worked for the State of California until 1987.  My father passed away in March of 1991 after years of suffering from emphysema.

Sarah Bournazian

My mom shortly after she was married.

My mom was born in 1925 to an Armenian immigrant family in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her parents had survived the holocaust of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 and had fled to the US.  She grew up speaking only Armenian and didn't learn English until she started elementary school.

During the Depression, her family lived at the home of her uncle, Boghos Halajian , whom all of the children called simply "Keri".  After high school in 1942, she graduated from the Burroughs School and received an operators license for a variety of business machines (precursor of today's computers).  Her first jobs included bookkeeping and payroll for a hardware and electrical supply store, General Heat and Appliance, Foxboro Harness Racing Track, and the Christian Children's Fund.

After she and my dad married, my mom concentrated on raising her family (and a wonderful job she did, too, if I do say so myself).  She went back to school in 1972 and studied early childhood development.  She has also done volunteer work for a variety of organizations, including kindergarten assistant, Sunday school teacher,  Navy Wives Club of America, Fleet Reserve Association, and the Catholic Daughters.

Alice Marie Miller

The Miller Family around 1995

Alice Marie is the oldest of my full siblings, being 14 years older than yours truly.  She married Mark Leslie Miller in 1969 (I was the ring-bearer at the wedding) and has three sons:  Christopher Mark Miller, Matthew Mark Miller, and Gregory Mark Miller.  She's a graduate of the University of California at San Diego.  Alice Marie currently works for the Board of Education and has been instrumental in the formation of at least two California charter schools.  She's often quoted in newspaper articles on the charter school system and has appeared more than once on television news broadcasts.  The Millers have lived in Massachusetts and Texas and currently reside in San Carlos, California.

Loren Bernard Parkhurst, Jr.

Loren Parkhurst, May 15, 2004

My big brother, Loren, 13 years my senior, was my idol growing up.  He joined the US Army when he was 19 and served in Thailand during the Vietnam War.  He studied electronics while in the Army and later worked for Signetics Corporation in Santa Clara, California.  He married Susan Williamson in 1983 and has two daughters, Sarah Jeanine Parkhurst and Patricia Michelle Parkhurst.  He is currently single and owns a network administration company, MicroLAN Consultants , performing maintanance, wiring, and technical services for computer networks all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Catheryne Wayne Barrozo

The Barrozo Family before Robbie was born.

My sister Cathy is the closest to me in age, being only 10 years older than me (when I said I was the baby of the family, I really meant I was the baby of the family!).  In 1975, she married Tony Barrozo, a really great guy who grew up in very, very sunny Blythe, California.  Cathy and Tony have lived in Blythe, San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, and currently live in Murietta between Riverside and San Diego.  They have two children, Jessica Loren Barrozo and Robert Daniel Barrozo .  Cathy was a manager for Denny's restaurants for a number of years and is currently working as a GIS analyst for the City of Lake Elsinore, doing demographic research, design, and mapping for small businesses throughout the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

Paul Michael Parkhurst

A picture of me and my girlfriend Brenda, July, 2003.

I realized that I had had this website up for three years and didn't include a blurb about me! I'm the baby of the family, being 10 years younger than Cathy. I have a whole page about myself on this website, so if you want to know more, just click here!

Jeffrey Louis Parkhurst

I unfortunately never met my brother Jeff until only about 10 years ago, but I wish I had know him long before that.  He's a really great guy and there's definitely much of our father in him.  Jeff was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, by his mother Belle.  He married young and actually has a son (my nephew) who's older than I am!  Jeff works in high-voltage power systems and currently lives in Elizaville, in upstate New York.  I've very proud to have Jeff as a brother.

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