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Record Name Sex Birth Death
1Bournazian, AliceF18 AUG 1935 
Parent: Bournazian, Sarkis Manuel, Halajian, Almas  Spouse: Guyer, Freddie Richard
2Bournazian, Alma LeonaF11 FEB 1955 
Parent: Bournazian, George, Greenlaw, June Rose
3Bournazian, Amiel AvisM18 FEB 1961 
Parent: Bournazian, George, Greenlaw, June Rose  Spouse: Lester, Linda Lorraine
4Bournazian, PrivateMPrivate 
Parent: Bournazian, Private
5Bournazian, Beth AnnF18 FEB 1984 
Parent: Bournazian, Amiel Avis, Lester, Linda Lorraine
6Bournazian, Bobby JohnsonM02 DEC 1975 
Parent: Bournazian, George, Cole, Tracy Marie
7Bournazian, David A.M06 APR 1987 
Parent: Bournazian, Amiel Avis, Lester, Linda Lorraine
8Bournazian, David LeeM19 APR 1973 
Parent: Bournazian, George, Cole, Tracy Marie  
9Bournazian, DesireeF23 MAR 1986 
Parent: Bournazian, George Sarkis
10Bournazian, Dominic George BlytheM 30 JAN 1996
Parent: Bournazian, Tracy Lee, Roberson, Cynthia J.

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