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Export a GEDCOM File

 Export GEDCOM File based on Antoine Josef Truxillo

This page will allow you to download a GEDCOM file containing the ancestors or descendants of Antoine Josef Truxillo. A GEDCOM file is a standard way of transferring electronic family trees from one type of family tree software to another. If you use any popular familiy tree software, chances are it will import GEDCOM files.

To download an exported GEDCOM file, simply pick which options you want below. You may choose between 1 and 20 generations and whether or not you want ancestors or descendants of Antoine Josef Truxillo. For ancestors only, you may also select whether or not you want siblings of your ancestors included. Finally, you may also select alternative end-of-line characters for your GEDCOM file. Note that for Windows, the default of CRLF should be used. If you are on another platform, however, some other sort of end of line character may be required. Consult the documentation of your family tree software for details.

CAUTION:  The more generations you ask for, the longer the website may take to respond.

Number of Generations:
Direction of Export:
   Include Siblings
End of Line Character:


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