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 Politics   My political philosophy

I first got interested in politics shortly after high school.  Before that, I really did not have many political opinions, except holding a pro-life stance on abortion, and being a very patriotic American.  My parents were Roosevelt Democrats for as long as I can remember, so of course, I had the same opinion of those "big business" Republicans and believed the Democrats were for the "little guy."

Once I started to become aware of politics and started paying attention to what was going on, my political beliefs solidified.  I saw liberal politics eating away at my liberties and realized that conservatism was more inline with my sense of justice, morality, and rationality of thought.

Today, I'm a Conservative Republican.  The Republican party is not perfect by a long shot, but its basic conservative platform, if the politicians would have the fortitude and courage to actually implement it, would help reverse some of the malaise and authoritarianism which has plagued our great country for the last 50 years.

Below is a synopsis of my personal political philosophy:

  • Small Government - In order to ensure liberty, a government must remain small and have the least impact on the lives of its citizens.  The larger the government, the more power that government has and, consequently, less power is in the hands of the people.  The Constitution of the United States dictates specific powers to be given to the federal government.  All other powers are to be given to the states and the people of those states.  Since the Civil War, the balance of power has dramatically shifted to the federal government.  This has caused a slow but steady encrouchment on our liberty.  Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at the overeaching authority that our current government has today.
  • Low Taxes - Taxes are a necessary requirement of any government.  The taxation of the population, however, must be held as a sacred trust, never to be burdensome and unjust.  Our government today gains power by overtaxation and income redistribution, which again encrouches on our liberties.  Historically, the United States spent about 2-3% of the GDP on the running of the government.  This rate went much higher during national crises, such as wars.  However, since the social welfare system was developed in the 1930's, this rate has steadily increased to close to 40%.  This is a gross misappropriation of national wealth by the government.  I believe the federal income tax should be repealed and that social security shold become privatized.  The government needs to once again hold the power of the purse as a sacred trust and not use it as a means of controlling the population through government hand-outs and pork-barrel spending projects.
  • Personal Responsibility - A necessary part of personal liberty is personal responsibility.  As the adage goes, any action reciprocates an equal and opposite reaction.  Whenever responsibilty is not taken by an individual for his or her actions, someone else has to pay the penalty.  Today's government seems willing to take the burden of responsibility of its citizens onto itself.  Why is that?  Simply, when a person foists the consequences of his actions onto another entity, he is also reliquishing some of his rights in the process.  For instance, the social welfare system allows literally generations of individuals to live off of other people's tax dollars.  These people have reliquished control of their finances to the government.  The result?  They become reliant on the government and almost every aspect of their lives becomes entangled with government programs.  They have traded their liberty for security.  I do not want the government to provide security for me, beyond its constitutinal duties to provide a military, civil peacekeepers, and an uncorrupt justice system.  If I do something stupid, I'll pay the consequences myself.
  • Personal Liberty - Along with personal responsibilty comes personal liberty.  The reason our country was established was to ensure the personal liberty of its citizens.  Politically speaking, we should be able to do as we please as long as 1) we do not violate the rights of other people to do the same, and 2) we take full responsibilty for the outcome of our actions.  This does not mean that I promote immoral or indecent behavior.  On the contrary, in order to have the utmost amount of liberty available to us, we must restrain ourselves from doing things that damage us or those around us.  However, what we do is no business of the government.  If someone wants to damage themselves in some way, or engage in dangerous activities, then that person will suffer the consequences of those actions.  The point is that different people wish to lead different sorts of lives, some noble, some ignoble.  The ignoble will pay for their actions.
  • Pro-Life - I have always been against abortion and will always remain so.  The consequences of this practice goes beyond the moral and goes to the very fabric of our society.  Morally, of course, abortion is reprehensible.  Any taking of an innocent human life should be considered murder.  The pro-abortion forces in this country have, for the most part, been successful in shifting the mode of thought on abortion away from a human rights issue and have made it a civil rights issue.  From a standpoint of liberty, of course, anyone should have the right to do what they want with their body or their property, provided they take responsibility for their actions.  However, an abortion affects another human being growing in the womb of the mother.  This is not the mother's body, but the body of a genetically unique individual in the early stages of development.  The abortion argument also illustrates a very chilling development in our society.  Human life is becoming cheap, something to be dealt with like an unwanted piece of clothing.  Abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide; it all boils down to a lessening of the value of human life.

Conservative and Patriotic Links

Boy Scouts of America Boy Scouts of America
I received my Eagle Scout award in December of 1980.  It is one of the things I'm most proud of.  The Boy Scouts of America teach not only patriotism and love of country, but also personal growth, responsibility, honor, and leadership.
Hot Talk 560 KSFO Hot Talk 560 KSFO
This is the station I have permanently dialed in my car.  KSFO is the premier conservative talk radio station in the otherwise liberal Bay Area.  For a dose of sanity, it's always good to listen to what they have to say.
The Rush Limbaugh Show The Rush Limbaugh Show
One of the main reasons I listen to KSFO is because of this man.   Always controversial, always entertaining, Rush espouses the principals of today's conservative movement.  Whether you're conservative, liberal, or in the mushy middle, Rush will always make you think.
National Review Online
I've subscribed to National Review magazine, founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., for about 10 years now.  It offers a refreshing change of pace to the other supposed "news" magazines.  It's conservative, smart, biting, and even ruthless, but always right on the money.  If you're looking for a conservative news magazine, this is the one.
This website is the grassroots presence of the Republican party online.  You'll find just about anything you want to know about the Republicans and conservatism in general at this website.

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