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 Welcome to www.PaulsFamilyHistory.com!   

A picture of Brenda and I! Welcome to our website!  My name is Paul Parkhurst, your host and guide through the generations of my family's history.  As a bonafide American mutt, my pedigree is both wide and varied.  English colonists searching for liberty, French and Spanish settlers seeking their fortune, Acadian refugees expelled from the lands of their fathers, pioneers blazing a trail through the west, and Armenian immigrants fleeing the tyranny and slaughter of a distant eastern land, all of these varied peoples define who and what I am today.  Likewise, my wife, Brenda Parkhurst, has her own wide and varied pedigree: Irish immigrants, Norwegian settlers to the Mid West, English sailors arriving on the Hawaiian shore, and their native Hawaiian brides make up her family tree.
Whether you're kin, or just passing through, please feel at home and peruse my pages.  You'll find historical information, family trees, pictures and documents, all concerning my various family lines.  If you have any questions, if something doesn't quite work the way it should, or if you just want to say "Hello", please send me some email by clicking on the link at the top or right here.  Oh, and one last thing...

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Since the first time I added forums five years ago, literally thousands of spam posts were made to them, making them useless. So, I installed the latest version of the forums and started over. Now, you must register to post on the forums, you must validate through email, and pass a CAPTCHA check (type what the picture says). I'm hoping this will eliminate all the spam I got originally.

To enter the forums, click the Forums button in the header menu, or just click on the link below. Let me know how you enjoy them by... posting a topic on the forum!

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Most Popular Surnames

Below is a list of the most popular surnames currently in the tree, sorted by number of occurrences:

Parkhurst (439), Smallwood (247), Prichard (167), Hebert (151), Landry (128), Leach (99), Bernard (75), Bourg (61), Spainhour (59), Slate (58), Davenport (55), Aleman (54), Van Bockern (53), Truxillo (53), Boyd (53), Austin (51), Véga (49), Tucker (45), Bournazian (45), Daniels (45), Sutton (43), Forsyth (40), Ford (40), Lane (40), Russell (40), Thibodeaux (39), Martin (38), Cunningham (38), Bonnet (37), Porter (36), Parker (36), Guyer (35), Bennett (34), Clarke (33), Bernard-DuMontier (31), Valadie (31), Walker (30), Stephens (30), Clements (29), Jessup (29), Molaison (28), Tyler (27), Mitchell (27), Melanson (26), Clark (26), Smith (25), Dragoo (25), Hardy (24), Trimbell (24), Ostrander (23), Olsen (23), Core (23), DeLatre (23), Johnson (22), Miller (22), Noland (20), Bales (20), McMullen (19), Lindt (19), Jones (18), Capdeville (18), LeBlanc (18), Doak (18), Thompson (17), Pickle (17), Ward (17), Brockett (17), Picadura (16), Nay (16), Tapp (16), Ask (15), Babbitt (15), Fitzgerald (15), Brown (15), Burgett (15), Hernandez (15), Lichty (15), Richard (14), Allen (14), Welch (14), Lofgren (14), George (13), Callahan (13), Evans (13), McGraw (13), Clouatre (13), Hathaway (12), Randall (12), Green (12), Patterson (12), Mesnard (12), Jenkins (12), Schulmeister (12), Reiners (12), Theriot (11), Wynn (11), Spears (11), Webster (11), Cross (11), Forsythe (11), Glaza (11), Broussard (11), Suttles (11), Reeve (11), Stone (11), Brenden (11), Weddle (11), Greenlaw (10), Howery (10), Cole (10), Mulkey (10), Krogstad (10), Renshaw (10)

All content Copyright 2001-2011 by Paul M. Parkhurst unless otherwise noted.
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